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Watch Tv Online Live streaming Badminton BWF Yalla Shoot Free No Buffering

Watching Tv Online Live Streaming Badminton BWF Yalla Shoot Free No Buffering
live broadcasts of badminton matches is very much favored by the people of Indonesia, because Indonesia is one of the countries that has scored the name or the world's best player in this badminton sport besides other Asian countries that are very good like China, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea and Japan one of the organizations that overshadow Indonesian badminton is PBVSI and for its international level is BWF International,

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22 Jan 2019 - 27 Jan 2019DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS 2019
19 Feb 2019 - 24 Feb 2019BARCELONA SPAIN MASTERS 2019
26 Feb 2019 - 03 Mar 2019YONEX GERMAN OPEN 2019

In the old colonial era, there were badminton associations in Indonesia which moved independently without one goal and one ideals of struggle in the realm of an independent state, indeed it cannot be allowed to continue. One organization must be sought nationally, as a unifying organization.
To take the path to a single organization, the most appropriate way is to bring together the figures of war in a congress. At that time it was rather difficult to communicate between one area and another.

The only thing that can be taken is the island of Java. Even then it can be taken after the formation of PORI (Indonesian Replubik Sports Association).
The effort was carried out by Sudirman Cs through an intermediary letter which essentially invited them to establish PBSI to deliver results. So in a meeting on May 5, 1951 in Bandung PBSI was born (the Indonesian Badminton Association) and the meeting was recorded as the first PBSI congress. With the general chairman A. Rochdi Partaatmadja, chairman I: Sudirman, Chairman II: Tri Tjondrokoesoemo, Secretary I: Amir, Secretary II: E. Soemantri, Treasurer I: Rachim, Treasurer II: Liem Soei Liong.

With the management of the central level, the management at the regional / provincial level automatically becomes the branch that turns into Pengda (Dareah Management) while the Pengcab (Branch Manager) is the name given to the management at the municipal / regency level. As of the end of August 1977 there were 26 regional administrations throughout Indonesia (except East Timor Province) and 224 Pengcab, while an estimated 2000 associations were members of the PBSI.

The meaning of the symbol of PBSI is as follows:
1. Consists of 5 colors that have meanings, including:
- Yellow: Symbol of glory
- Green: Welfare and prosperity
- Black: Loyalty and eternal
- Red: Courage
- White: Honesty
2. Cotton Picture: Number 17 seeds which symbolizes sacred numbers (proclamation day).
3. Picture of Shuttlecock: With eight feathers, symbolizing 8 (August)
4. Letter PBSI: consists of 4 connected with a picture of ½ circle as many as 5 red seeds under the shuttlecock, symbolizing 1945.
5. Rice Pictures: as many as 51 items that symbolize the day of the birth of PBSI, the year of May 5, 1951.
6. Shield Image: It is symbolic of endurance, tenacity, low self-esteem but tenacious, strong and diligent

Badminton / Badminton Rules
The number of multiple players registered is 32 pairs. Double players are divided into 8 groups. Each group sorted by rank consists of 4 pairs, from the highest to the lowest (See table 1 & 2 above).
The number of single players registered is 20 people. Single players are divided into 5 groups. Each group sorted by rank consists of 4 players, from the highest to the lowest (See table 3 above).
Calculation with the system really points up to number 21
The single and double preliminary round is done with a two winning set.
Each pair in each group plays 6 times in the preliminary round. Determination of who goes to the next round is determined based on the points obtained in each game.
Especially for singles: 3 players in the second place with the highest point in the preliminary round, will be included in the 1/4 final round because 8 players are needed.
Calculation of points will be recorded and calculated using special software.
After the double preliminary round is completed, proceed with a single allowance with the same method.
The next stage is the knockout game.
The final 1/8 round for singles is eliminated and goes straight to the final ¼.
Schemes in the final eighth round are arranged as follows:
1st place group A champion against 2nd place in Group B. Rank 2 in Group C against 1st place in group D etc.
Estimated time
2 hours for allowance
30 minutes for the first knockout system (1/8),
30 minutes for the second knockout system (1/4),
30 minutes for the third knockout system (1/2) and
40 minutes for the final.
The total time for badminton is 6.5 hours
Heating must be done before entering the field so that the match matches the available time allocation.
The match schedule can be seen in table 3, while the match scheme is attached below.